Friday, 30 October 2009


Welcome to Kick Out The Jam! This will be a blog for me to wax musical about... well, music.

I'm not sure what sorts of music I will be covering in here but I will say that it will be largely at the experimental or underground end of the spectrum. This blog will be a place to read about the latest releases, news and events in the world of hip-hop, electronica, folk, indie and all that other trite nonsense out there. Ultimately, it'll be a rather scatter gun affair with very little in the way of a central theme, other than it "stuff I like". There will also be berating, harsh criticism and knee-jerk reactions.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post up mp3s and other media but, with things the way they are, who can say?

Anyway, with any luck this will be a proper thing that I won't lose interest in after a day. Watch this space! But don't really.

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