Friday, 30 July 2010

New Drop The Lime rockabilly project!

Rockabilly is apparently the way forward according to Diplo and Drop The Lime. Recently Drop The Lime announced the formation of a new band: Bad Lupo Grande (that's Big Bad Wolf to you).

The first single 'Rockabilly Fever' comes out on August 17th on of Scion. Not sure even with Luca’s backing if rockabilly will really take off but it's an interesting effort at a time when everyone seems to be playing it pretty safe. Leave it to Drop The Lime to shake things up, keep things wild, and show off some well-versed creativity.

Click here to download the rockabilly mix Drop The Lime made for Dummy magazine.

Download: Bad Lupo Grande - Rockabilly Fever

New Thrills EP on Sub Philo

Sub Philo boss Thrills has a new EP out called 'Friday' and it's been storming the beatport charts recently.

Of the two original tracks on offer it's the resonating thump of 'Next Friday' that impresses most, with retro junglist vibes melded to the punishing bass. Plenty to choose from on the remix front but rising London outfit Tomb Crew impress most.

Download: Thrills - Friday

You can buy it at Beatport, Juno and what have you.

Daft Punk to score Tron Legacy soundtrack

News of the new Tron movie, or rather its soundtrack, has spilled all over the internet like a burst Um Bongo and as such mp3s are magically available for your aural pleasure. Sexy.

The soundtrack is being made by Daft Punk for those buggers at Disney for the sequel to the 1982 film where a guy gets kidnapped into a computer and has to do loads of challenges to get out and is helped by some trusty anti-virus software or something. Frankly I'm staggered it was ever made, but that was the 80s and they did things differently back then.

In fairness the music is amazing and these two tracks both feature prominently in the trailers. I can't honestly say if I'll actually go to see the film but I'm a big Daft Punk fan and I'm still enjoying the soundtrack.

Download: Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy Soundtrack (Track 1)
Download: Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy Soundtrack (Track 4)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Starkey featured on Radio 1's "Building The Beat"

Philadelphia's very own Starkey has been featured on Mary Anne Hobbs's new segment "Building The Beat". Basically, she challenges producers to write and record a track completely from scratch using samples contributed by Radio 1 DJs, artists and listeners. Oh, and they have to do it all in just 2 hours during a live show recorded at BBC Maida Vaile.

He was joined by vocalist Anneka and percussionist and dubstep producer Reso to build the ultimate dubstep track, all within the confines of a two hour show. Download the results below and check out the pics on the Radio 1 website as the track unfolds.

Finally, listen below to hear his unbelievably ace new track 'CoRoT-9b' taken from the 'Universal' EP. The new EP remains something of a mystery but will be available in full for free on Amon Tobin's website as of August this year. So keep checking back there!

CoRoT-9b by Starkey

Download: Starkey - Building The Beat

Saturday, 24 July 2010

New Major Lazer EP!

The "Gorillaz of dancehall" as nobody is calling them, Major Lazer have a new EP out at the end of next month on Mad Decent called 'Lazers Never Die'.

The EP features two new tracks as well as remixes of tunes from their album by Buraka Som Sistema, Kicks Like A Mule and, believe it or not, Thom Yorke. The new release also features the vocal talents of MIA, Busy Signal, Lindi Ortega and the legendary Collie Buddz.

The new EP is available now on iTunes and will be available internationally on August 26th.

Download: Major Lazer - Jump Up feat. Supahype (Sticky K Remix)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bong-Ra - Monster

Just when I was getting worried Enduser was the only one still making breakcore, so Jason "Bong-Ra" Kohnen knocks me on my arse with embarrassment.

Sitting at the more focused end of the breakcore spectrum, alongside End and Jason Forrest, Bong-Ra's new EP is a breath of fresh air. The aptly-titled 'Monster' incorporates drum and bass, dub, breakcore and electro into a fast and heavy whirlwind of live instrumentation and programmed kicks and snares.

The first track 'Behemoth' does exactly what it says on the tin, smashing you square in the trousers with a straightforward ballbreaking wobbly bassline to break up all those loud, nasty snares. If you were a fan of his old productions you'll enjoy this and you will take note of the step up in production quality. Not that his production was ever poor, but the sound seems cleaner and more focused.

The second track 'Cyclops' is a more considered affair, using a playful string section to add a sinister veneer, bringing to mind Venetian Snares' masterpiece 'Rossz Csillag Alatt Született' and even Mr. Bungle. Once again, Bong-Ra demonstrates his ability to chop and change between styles with the minimum of fuss, whilst still retaining a unifying structure within his records.

Bong-Ra "Monster mix" by ad noiseam

Stand out tracks: Behemoth, Kraken, Cyclops

Title: Monster (ADN131)
Artist: Bong-Ra
Out now on Ad Noiseam

New Toddla T track!

Hailing from Sheffield or "da steel city", Toddla T finally delivers a new original track, featuring the hugely fun vocal talents of Jamaican legend Wayne Marshall. Though he's been busy hosting his radio show, remixing, creating mixes and pretty much everything aside from recording he's finally back.

Here's the story of how the collaboration came about according to Toddla's website:
"On a recent trip to Jamaica to collaborate with Major Lazer, Mr T found himself alone in the legendary Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston. Who should wander in but the one-and-only Wayne Marshall who asked Toddla to play him some riddims. As soon as he heard the beat which would become 'Sky Surfing' the rest was history!"
Though I'm not a fan of auto-tuned vocals, Mr. T keeps it tasteful and manages not to overuse the effect; a notion lost on a lot of today's producers, particularly in the funky scene. Coupled with the wobbly bassline it actually works pretty well and earns itself a place in the tiny arena of "funky tunes I don't hate".

Stay tuned for the remixes which should be up and about in a month or so - the Douster mix is probably going to be the big one...

Download: Toddla T - Sky Surfing feat. Wayne Marshall

Monday, 19 July 2010

Thursday, 15 July 2010

KOTJ Radio | Episode 3: Sonido Del Principe - Arriba Las Manos!

Head honcho of Generation Bass, Sonido Del Principe has been most people's window to the world of cumbia, kuduro and pretty much all non-western music for the past couple of years. Their persistence in uncovering lost gems and relative unknowns has made the GB crew one of the more impressive bloggers.

So in light of that sycophancy, Sonido Del Principe has kindly contributed a mix of his favourite beats and pieces. Drawing together elements of cumbia, baile funk, kuduro, hip hop, bassline, dancehall and grime; this upsettingly good mix features everything from 2Pac to Neil Landstrumm.

This wasn't going to be the next episode of the series but with summer's being what they are I just had to post it before the sun went away and all the pretty ladies starting wearing their thick duffel coats again. That, I will not stand for.

So tuck in, head over to the Generation Bass blog and show them some of that special lovin' us bloggers love.


01. Le Freak Selector - Get Hi Cumbia (SDP Refixx)
02. La Verdolaga (SDP Refixx)
03. Sonora – Ciclone (DJ Melo vs. SDP Remix)
04. Sonidero Nacional – Eresparami (SDP Refixx)
05. Orion & DJ Dusty– Mal Creada
06. Negra Navidad – SDP Refixx
07. Lewis Can Cut vs. SDP – CanCumbia
08. O.B. – Steal Ma Flow (SDP Remix)
09. Neil Landstrumm vs. SDP – Por Todos Las Chicas
10. The Peronists – La Haitiana (SDP Remix)
11. Stephan Bodzin – Bremen Ost (SDP Remix)
12. Moodymann vs. SDP – Detroit Riot Cumbia
13. Daniel Peixoto feat. Carol Texeira – Flei (SDP Remix)
14. Tupac Shakur vs. SDP – Dear Mama
15. Sonidero Nacional vs. Jay-Z vs. SDP – Roc Boyz Cumbia

Download: KOTJ Radio Episode 3: Sonido Del Principe

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Don't be a lollapaloser, vote for Murderbot!

Having recently completed his staggering 'Year Of Mixtapes' project, Chrissy Murderbot has begun a new album and is working hard on remixes as part of a contest which could see him playing the legendary Lollapalooza festival!

So why don't you do him a favour and pay him back for all those joyfully nerdy hours you've pissed away pouring over his blog and vote for his remix of Tiga's 'What You Need'? If you don't I will hunt you down; don't think this needlessly aggressive tone is in anyway ironic, by the way. Oh, and you can vote for him every day between now and he 20th. See that you do.

To read an interview The Guardian - yes, The Guardian - conducted with Chrissy, go here.

Dick Nasty: sounds nasty, is nice

Literally, all I know about this chap is he's from Gainesville and his name may or may not be Dick. It's most likely David.

The first track, a remix of 'Superfuzz' by St. Beethoven, is currently featured in the top 15 of Soundcloud's hot list. The second track is an awesome funky mash-up of two songs I have never ever heard but now love more than anything, with one sampling 'Incense & Peppermints' by Strawberry Alarm Clock to devastating effect.

So, as always, stream the tracks below, download the mp3 and go to his Soundcloud page and tell him how much you love him and want to marry him.

ST. BEETHOVEN "Superfuzz" vs Party Dark "Let's Go" (DiCkNaStY! remix) by DickNasty!

JOOSE - Let The Bass Kick vs. The Opposites - Ik Ben Dom, Lomp & Famous (Dick Nasty Mix) by DickNasty!

Download: JOOSE - Let The Bass Kick vs. The Opposites - Ik Ben Dom, Lomp & Famous (Dick Nasty Mix)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Spiritualized LP on its way!

Spiritualized are set to release a new LP in the very near future; maybe this year, maybe not - or as Jason Pierce puts it, "when it's done".

The new album is the follow-up to 2008′s 'Songs In A&E' and is said to draw influence directly from 1997's classic 'Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space'.

Spiritualized's Pierce told The Quietus it’s very weird to lay out something you did 12 years ago in all its complexity and then get inside it enough to be able to play it live, and not have that get into some of the newer stuff we’re doing."

Check out FACT’s Essential... Spiritualized for an in-depth guide to the band’s most important releases and read the full interview with The Quietus here.

Want lots of free Wiley mp3s, eh?

UK grimeface Wiley has lost the plot on his Twitter account recently, announcing he'd be giving out a ton of his tunes for absolutely free! All in all, 180 tracks are supposed to be on offer.

So far, 11 ZIP files have been posted by the kat they call Wiley, all of which have been collected in this thread on Grime Forum, with more apparently on their way. Good show, Mr. Eskiboy, sir!

Download the first track 'Electric Boogaloo' then head on over to the grime forum to catch the rest, there's lots!

Download: Wiley - Electric Boogaloo

Free Captain Ahab LP on Cock Rock Disco!

I thought it only right to tell you about this release given their upcoming tour with the sickest of Sickboys. The generous chaps at Cock Rock Disco are giving away Captain Ahab's new live album completely free!

40 minutes of what can only be described as "thugged-out sonic terror", or any number of meaningless descriptions, have been packed into this digital funbag for your pleasure. Be sure of one thing: this album will take you roughly in the night and will never call you.
"Captain Ahab – two of the hardest working men in the biz on a never-ending crusade to milk dance floors of sweat. Captain Ahab – crusaders for the faith; unwavering in their dedication. Captain Ahab – surfing the bleeding edge of hyperbole and true grit in a war on insincerity. Captain Ahab – The mighty shall be victorious, the meek crying at home. Captain Ahab – There is no “I” in duo. And here they are, caught live and more full of life then two men have the right to claim as their own. No! In fact they are greater than two men, greater than the chemical equations that bolster and bind them together. They are a sociopolitical force of minds and hearts joined as a screaming voice in the scorched desert. Now. Captured here on 40 minutes of the highest quality digitally archived, re-mastered and re-tooled footage found across the great plains of America and packed for you- here and now- you will come to see it, the light, the power, the majesty, and the gospel of Captain Ahab."
Here's the download link for the whole bastard release:

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

KOTJ Radio | Episode 2: Sickboy

Our good Belgian friend Sickboy of the infamous Breakcore Gives Me Wood parties and Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave has kindly put together the weirdest mixtape we're likely to have for the series! And all this in time for his European tour with Captain Ahab and DJ Skull Vomit.

Having released music on Tigerbeat6, Peace Off, Mirex and Wood, Sickboy's productions bring heaviness and excitement to every single production. His distinctive style has been ripping pop culture for nearly 10 years now, using samples rhythmically as part of a greater whole - rather than simply referencing a point in time.

This mix would be a great starting point if you don't know Sickboy's music. Though it doesn't feature many of his own tunes, it includes everything from Bubba Sparxxx to Duran Duran Duran to Disturbed - showing off his ability to slide effortlessly between styles and BPMs.

You can download the full mix below or stream it from Mr. Desmet's Soundcloud page.

Kick Out The Jam Mixtape by Sickboy Milkplus


01. Alan Sylvestri - Delta Force Main Theme
02. Ashanti ft. Paul Wall - Still On It
03. Bubba Sparxxx - They Luv That feat. Bun B
04. Ceelo - I'll be around
05. Ice Rink - Rico Dan
06. Lazerhawk - Overdrive
07. Iconz ft. Trick Daddy - We Thuggin'
08. Shingaya - Rat Monkey
09. Street War - Death Of A Champion
10. Disturbed - Get Down With The Sickness (Angie Remix)
11. Bruce Stallion - 2 Bad Pillz
12. Sickboy - Tweencore 2
13. Ladyscraper - The Lady Pops
14. Duran Duran Duran - Prime Cut
15. T.I. - What You Know
16. Drums Are For Parades - Dead Katz (Droon's Shot Mix)
17. Captain Ahab - Old Like You
18. Aleister X - Bangers And Beans (Sickboy Remix)
19. Slim Thug - 3 Kingz
20. Dethklok - Murdertrain A Comin'

Europe Tour Dates:

09.07 amsterdam @ occii
10.07 copenhagen @ loppen
13.07 lyon @ brk / la fee verte
14.07 paris @ le tunnel
15.07 dour @ dour festival
16.07 hengelo @ innocent
17.07 hamburg @ hafenklang
18.07 kutna hora @ creepy teepee fest
19.07 budapest @ a38 / boat terrace
20.07 zagreb @ mochvara
22.07 madrid @ kadiqclub
23.07 barcelos (near porto) @ milhoes de festa
26.07 barcelona @ el nui
27.07 marseille @ l'enthropy
28.07 landau @ fatal
29.07 linz @ quitch

Download: KOTJ Radio Episode 2: Sickboy