Wednesday, 30 June 2010

EXCLUSIVE new Dev79 tune!

Wow, I'm really excited about this one! A little while ago our good friend Dev79 agreed to do a mix for the radio series and as a cheeky little gift sent me his new tune 'Riddim Of The Night'.

At the time I was told to keep it on the ol' hush-hush say-no-more, but now I'm finally allowed to share it with you in all it's exclusive glory! You won't hear this version ANYWHERE else as it's been remixed and re-edited with different vocals for the release of the upcoming EP.

So to tide you over until his awesome mix comes out, here it is. Enjoy it and tell your friends!

Download: Dev79 - Riddim Of The Night

Friday, 25 June 2010

New Nic Sarno tune for download!

I'm a bit late getting to this one but it comes via several members of the Grindin team. Evidently influenced by the emerging Angolan/Portugese/Latin beats, Nic Sarno takes on a style championed by Bok Bok, MIA and Buraka Som Sistema to name just three.

I really hope there's more of this to come, it's really refreshing to see someone go a different direction. Especially when it's instead of Funky.

Download: Nic Sarno - Mana Wasa

New mixtapes by Finckobot, Jubilee and several more!

Finckobot and Mike Genius of the Get Wavey party crew have put together a few freebies to promote their night. Featuring big names like Style Of Eye, Harvard Bass, Serocee, MJ Cole, Brodinski, Wiley, Poirier and Egyptrixx this mix fails to disappoint and is free anyway, so who cares?

Download: Mike Genius - Get Wavey While Floating

Download: Finckobot - Get Wavey With Finckobot


01. Renaissance Man – Babbadabba
02. S H D W P L A Y – Hollywood
03. Hickup – Hakazou!
04. Camel – Bamboo
05. Malente & Dex – Habibi (Julio Bashmore Hamilli Remix)
06. J Phlip – Droppin Bombz On Your Momz
07. Felix Cartal – World Class Driver (Harvard Bass Remix)
08. Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns
09. Style Of Eye – Puss Puss
10. Noob – Warehouse
11. Brodinski – Arnold Classics (Egyptrixx Remix)
12. Dubbel Dutch – Deep Underground
13. Embryo – Kwai (Bad Mojo Remix)
14. Marcus Price & Carli – Var E Näääken
15. King Cannibal – Virgo (Canblaster Remix)
16. LOL Boys – 123
17. DJ Erick Rincon – Party Crusher
18. Serocee – Badeng! (MJ Cole Remix)
19. Monkey Steak – Haarlem Drift
20. Manaré – Pirog
21. Monkey Steak – Tigris Riddim
22. Rihanna – Rudeboy (Marcus Price Remix)
23. Poirier – Cool Baby (Poirier Remix) feat. Busy Signal
24. DJ Thadz – Sorrow (feat. DJ Solo)
25. Electrik Red – I’m That Chick
26. Lando Kal – Fuzzy Ankles
27. Million Stylez – Miss Fatty (Douster Bubblin Edit)
28. Wiley – Electric Bugaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
29. Expendable Youth – Cannibalstic (LOL Boys Remix)
30. Mastik Soul – Baila Bonito (Dub)
31. Kink – Elevator
32. Renaissance Man – Wahhagoogoo

And here's the mix Jubilee made for the Get Wavey chaps:

Download: Jubilee - BQE Mix


01. Nina Dioz – Boom Bap (Rob Threezy Remix)
02. Diamond K & Al Ripken Jr – Hands in the Air (Bok Bok Remix)
03. Blondes – Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)
04. DJ Mike Q – Let it All Out
05. Girl Unit – IRL (French Fries Remix)
06. DVA – Ganja
07. Lil Silva – Night Skanker
08. Sunny Beach Happy Slap Madri Gras – Mamacita (Bambounou Remix)
09. NGUZUNGUZU – El Bebe Ambiente
10. The Boogaloo Crew – Nice Up The Function
11. Black Point f. Sensato Del Patio – Watagatapitusberry (Toy Selectah Mexmore Remix)
12. LOL Boys – 123

Jammer - Ten Man Roll [Video]

The official video for the new Jammer single 'Ten Man Roll'. The track was produced by Shortstuff, Brackles, and Mumdance.

Jammer's full length album, 'Jahmanji', is out 5th July on Big Dada. Mumdance's new mixtape, 'Different Circles', which features 17 unreleased tracks and collaborations is coming out very soon for free download.

Aldo Skore - Full Faya Sauce Mixtape

Since it was sunny yesterday but actually quite shit today I thought I'd share this to lift your spirits. Aldo Skore of the very ace Chateau LaTeauf has uploaded a new mix to his Mixcloud page, incorporating all manner Jamaican influenced sounds ranging from dancehall and reggae to drum & bass and funky.

Download: Aldo Skore - Full Faya Force Mixtape

If you're happy and you know it, shake that ass!

DZ has a new EP out today on Badman Press chock full of remixes of his latest single 'Shake That Ass'. Having been a constant supply of the heaviest, most jarring basslines known to dub, DZ has been obliterating dubstep nights the world over.

This release basically bridges the gap between dubstep, funky and bassline with it's wobbly mid-range basslines and funkadelic handclaps designed to make every middle class white kid in the world scream "shake ya bootay!" at unsuspecting passers-by. As a middle-class white kid myself, let me tell you this is great news!

The gloriously reworked versions come from Badmen extraordinaires Genetic Krew, M6, Doug Surreal, Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror and NONEWYORK. And the best part is: the whole thing is absolutely free! Grab you copy HERE.

Download: DZ - Shake That Ass (J Stack Remix)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Sonido Martines

I don't know very much about Los Destellos, but I've been getting into Cumbia a little recently having read the blog that Sonido Martines contributes to alongside DJ /rupture, La Congona.

Martines, known for his ability to fuse hip hop and funk with latin and cumbia, is based in La Paz, Bolivia and he can always be relied on to take obscure and often old Cumbia tracks and making them very dancefloor-friendly.

Like vampisoul explains:
"The metamorphosis of cumbia turns it into a genre that seems to voraciously cannibalize acoustic traditions and modern technologies. There wasn’t an innovation that tropical guitarists didn’t add to their sound: delay, fuzz tone, overdrive, wahwah, reverb, modulating effects typical of rock bands are assimilated into a stunning sonic cocktail.

"In this context, cumbia reached the top of the charts in popularity. Cumbia replaced rock as the urban sound. The groups would slowly develop an ethnic sensibility inspired by native Shipibo motifs and an astonishing and bewitching sound that seemed to drink from all the mysteries, secrets and myths of the jungle."

Download: Los Destellos - Elsa (Sonido Martines Remix feat. Fefe)

New Sharkslayer mix for Top Billin

The very awesome Top Billin have just posted a new DJ set in their series, produced by Finnish duo Sharkslayer.

Here's what had to say about things:
"Sharkslayer's mix is bass-heavy and club-ready, to be sure, but in ways less typical than most. XLR8R producers of interest Drop the Lime, Egyptrixx, Cosmin TRG, and Supra1 all make appearances throughout the set's hour-plus runtime, along with exciting contributions from a handful of low-end-dedicated dance music's lesser known tunesmiths."
01. Phil Kieran - Tartan Paint
02. Goldfish Und Der Lulz - Love Me Fender
03. Hobo - Orange Dyno
04. Legobeat - Dog, Owl, Bag (Woo Banger Remix)
05. Cytric - Filthy Beats (Hugo Rizzo & Unik Tech Mix)
06. Art Vs. Science - Parlez Vous Francais (Nadastrom Remix)
07. Headshotboyz - My Brand New V8
08. French Fries - Predador (Sharkslayer Nassau Vip)
09. Milt Mortez - Hobble
10. Sticky K - The Weirdo (Sharkslayer Nassau Mix)
11. Roulet - Dongo
12. Redlight - Stupid (instrumental)
14. Biass - Slap In The Bass
15. Dillon Francis & Dj Ammo - Westside
16. Lucid - Run It
17. Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Dillon Francis Remix)
18. Egyptrixx - Phones (Sharkslayer Nassau Vip)
19. Beataucue - Wolves (Sharkslayer Remix)
20. Tom Staar - Two Tone Simms
21. Sharkslayer - Hammerhead
22. DJ Pushups - Things
23. The Others - Quantum Leap
24. Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick
25. Supra 1 f. Amy Douglas - Still Believe (The Boogaloo Crew Arpsteppa Remix)

Download: Sharkslayer - Dead Men Tell No Tales Mix

The Panacea is back with a filthy new LP!

Mathis Mootz has returned as The Panacea with a new album on his recently revived label Position Chrome. He also recorded a new LP under the Squaremeter moniker, which he discusses in this interview with Ad Noiseam.

To celebrate the fact Mr. Mootz made a "Filthcast" for Bardcode Recordings.

01. The Panacea - KOTJ Intro (Mashup)
02. The Panacea - King Of The Jungle (DJ Scud Remix) (Position Chrome)
03. The Panacea - Techno-Biblical Rationalism (Position Chrome)
04. The Panacea - Donny Battling Badass Motherfuckers (Mashup)
05. Cooh & Current Value - Naglfar (Position Chrome)
06. The Panacea - Fatboy C. Is My Breaker Friend (Mashup)
07. Dub Elements - Popim (Prspct Recordings)
08. The Panacea - Creatch (Position Chrome)
09. Dogs On Crack Vs Katz On K - Attack (The Panacea Remix VIP) (Substinenz)
10. Ruin - Extermination
11. The Panacea - Made In A Digital Outrage (Mashup)
12. The Panacea - Saint Acid (Mashup)
13. The Panacea - Chiropteran (Intro VIP) (Position Chrome)
14. Donny & Audio - Hirribly Robbed (The Panacea Mashup) (Barcode Recordings)
15. Amit - Swastika (Commercial Suicide)
16. The Sect - Exibit A (Position Chrome)
17. Lethal - Eurocrash (Position Chrome)
18. Cooh & Dean Rodell - Medicine
19. The Panacea - Tomusic Calling (Mashup)

Download: The Panacea - Filthcast 026

We like the music! We like the disco sound!

Expect to hear this everywhere for ever.

Download: Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way (Holy Ghost & Dixon Remix)

Hecq - Sura

When breakcore producers started to put out dubstep records I can't deny I wasn't wary of the results. So when I heard people like Hecq and Matta coming from Ad Noiseam my fears were totally put to rest.

Incorporating a lot of the rave samples of old and new, Hecq bridges the gap between dub and breaks. Expect jarring time signatures, crushing metal rhythms and possibly the heaviest bassline of the year.

It's records like this that make me wish I could DJ. When I listened to 'Sura' it was like listening to that first Bong-Ra or Enduser track when I was 16 thinking: "What in the blue fuck is this?" - and I mean that in the best possible way. No, really.

The b-side 'Tiamat' starts off with an epic soundscape reminscient of those really dark industrial records that Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle used to put out in the late 70s and early 80s. You should only listen to this record through the best speaker system money can buy so you can really feel the bass oscillate and swirl 360 degrees round your head and the snares crash into the bass of your skull.

Stand out tracks: Sura
Download: Hecq - Tiamat

Title: Sura (adn128)
Artist: Hecq
Out now on Ad Noiseam.

Mixcloud Cloudcast of the day - DJ Premier

Mixcloud's Cloudcasts are undoubtedly only as good as the DJs that produce them but their casts of the day are usually pretty consistant in quality. Today is the turn of DJ Premier, someone who has amassed a colossal amount of cool points.

Having produced pretty much all of Gang Starr's tracks as well as tracks for KRS-One, Mos Def, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, M.O.P. and many others, DJ Premier is one of the most respected hip-hop DJs of the 90s.

This mix doesn't stray far from his trademark abrasive scratching, clashing loops and perfect beat-matching that remind of you New York like few others. I'm not sure about some of the tunes he chooses but then I've always been fussy about my hip-hop.

So head over to Mixcloud to download or stream it and keep up with Hip-Hop Nation for their spot on radio show.

Baltik Bass

This is literally one of the craziest things I've ever heard and I'm praying it takes off because nothing would make me happier than hearing this in a packed club full of kids too cool to dance. Boom Shakalaka are a DJ/producer collective from Helsinki who combine Baltic/Nordic/Scandinavian folk music with house/funky/electro beats and come up with something that's not as ridiculous as it sounds.
“Having musically been a few times around the world, the Boom Shakalaka team from Finland, has also become more aware of their own musical heritage. The finnish, scandinavian, nordic and baltic region has a rich folk music tradition with nice bouncy accordeon rhythms and beautiful fiddle harmonies. To make this material more suitable for the club, the BSL DJs started making remixes of finnish folk music, which they got some great feedback from. One thing lead to another and finally they realised they have a new genre on their hands, which got the name Baltik Bass, drawing from the musical traditions of the countries around the Baltic Sea. Here is a first official promotional track, from the upcoming Maasto Records release Boom Shakalaka presents: Baltik Bass vol. 1. Enjoy!”

Download: DJ Emil vs. Kiharakolmio - Riddim And Culture

"I don't see it as allowing an illegal drug party"

I wasn't going to post this video until I realised where it was: the North East! I couldn't believe this was on the Birthday Party Berlin blog, but then again our good chum Jason Forrest knows his stuff!

Benga - Baltimore Clap [Video]

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Chemical Brothers - Further

Sounding very much like 'Baba O'Riley' during an aneurysm, 'Escape Velocity' sees The Chemical Brothers attempting grandeur but in the end it turns out to be just a really long song. As did the rest of the album, it bored the arse off me and was so bland and repetitive I found it almost impossible to pay attention to.

'Swoon' also sounds like it's borrowed from somewhere I can't quite place and that made for a really irritating listen. And for some reason all the vocals sound like Snow Patrol, which is awful. Just awful.

The tracks themselves are OK but nothing really stands out and you've forgotten it as soon as you've heard it. 'Snow' is alright, sort of a grower but takes far too long to get going and isn't really that great once you get there.

If you could somehow pass it through a filter that would remove the vocals and then on some of the tracks every single sound (I couldn't even finish the last track), you might end up with a decent electro or house record. Since The Chems decided not to do this it is not a decent electro or house record in the slightest and they are off my Christmas card list.

Stand out tracks: Horsepower

Title: Further (6325302)
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Out now on EMI

Phila.sophical - The DJ Revolution

From Jazzy Jeff through to Josh Wink, Philadelphia has always been a melting pot of creativity and ingenuity within the hip-hop community. As ?uestlove of The Roots points out, New York hip-hop cast such a shadow over the rest of the east coast that Philly DJs had their work cut out from the start and had to be "three times as good" just to make an impression, thus any DJs who did last the distance were exceptionally talented.

Put together by Butch Mayo of Emuwna Filmz and a few other characters, the documentary explores the experiences and exploits of a lot of big names in Philadelphia and also laments the passing of those legendary early years when experimentation was rife - long before the days when Bono and The Edge discussed Josh Wink or rock bands featured DJs more often than hip-hop groups. It also features DJs from around the US citing the unique Philly sound as a huge influence as well as a particularly poignant interview with the late DJ AM who tragically passed away last year.

Three years in the making, there is very little info about the release date but hopefully this teaser should tide you over until then. If not, you can just do as I have and watch it repeatedly until your eyes bleed. It's literally the most fun you can have giving your brain an embolism.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

First Devo LP in 20 years!

The re-awakened Devo have announced they will be releasing their ninth studio LP and first since 1990's 'Smooth Noodle Maps', entitled 'Something For Everybody'. The LP is based around the idea that humanity, instead of evolving, is actually regressing - a vision they had 38 years ago in Ohio.

Today they have decided to embrace the homogeneity of the 21st century and embarked on a series of focus group meetings with the modern world designed to satirize their use in market research and radio broadcasting.

One of the singles from the LP 'Fresh' led the focus groups to conclude that "'Fresh' alleviates aches and pains" and "3 out of 5 people would hold 'Fresh' with their feet for more than 3 minutes." It's also a really good song. Best buy it then, really.

You can get a copy at Club Devo, Amazon and a number of other places.

New Drop The Lime EP!

Trouble & Bass head honcho Drop The Lime has a new EP out June 22nd on his own label and The Fader has premiered a remix of the title track 'Sex Sax'.

You can get your grubby little mits on it just down there.

Download: Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix)

New 77 Klash EP out soon

MC for Major Lazer 77 Klash has a new EP produced by Drop The Lime and AC Slater out on Trouble & Bass this week called 'Shadow Of Death'. A video for the title track is on its way.
"77 Klash is a Brooklyn based artist, raised in NYC, Jamaica and even spent some time on the west coast and this EP really showcases Klash’s spectrum; from angsty mob stomping aggression like on Shadow of Death, to the socio-politcal activist mentality on Dangerous Nights to the sunshine inspired love song No Turning Back. Klash is all about it on this EP, even going hard on the epic Supra 1 Remix of Little Jinder’s Polyhedron instrumental."
In the mean time you can stream the whole EP on his Soundcloud page or download the title track below before you buy!

Download: 77 Klash - Shadow Of Death

NME giving away new Donna Summer remix on Ministry of Sound

The NME blog is giving away a remix of a Unicorn Kid track that DJ Donna Summer made for the latest Ministry of Sound compilation.

Download: Unicorn Kid - Dreamcatcher (DJ Donna Summer Remix)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Ital Tek's second LP out on Planet Mu

Drawing from the IDM end of the dubstep/bass spectrum, Brighton's own Ital Tek returns with his second full length album on Planet Mu. The new LP 'Midnight Colour' sees a slower BPM of just 130 and a more upbeat mood.

The album still retains the dark synths and basic rhythms whilst exploring gentler synth sounds with more bass. There's even some 2-tech-step-whatever on 'Strangelove'. The final track on the album is 'Restless Tundra' which features vocals from Anneka, a rising star in the electronica scene having recorded some amazing tracks with Starkey earlier this year for his second LP.

Download: Ital Tek - Babel

New Caspa mix on Dub Police

Dub Police head honcho Greg McCann aka Caspa has released a new mix on his own label today called 'My Style' as part of their new mix series. As well as the CD a DVD will be available with exclusive material from Dub Police artists.

The mix features a range of artists from well-known faces to relative unknowns with tracks old and new, including Joy Orbison's amazing debut 'Hyph Mngo' and Caspa's remix of 'I Remember' by Deadmau5.

01. The Others – Gravity – Dub Police *
02. Deadmau5 – I Remember (Caspa Remix)
03. Subscape – Nothings Wrong – Dub Police
04. Emalkay – Crusader – Dub Police Dubplate *
05. Skream – Clap Your Hands – Tempa *
06. Caspa & Subscape – Geordie Racer – Sub Soldiers *
07. Doctor P – Bad Man Sound – Dub Police *
08. Trolley Snatcha – Pass Me By – Dub Police Dubplate *
09. The Others – Get Outta Here – Dub Police Dubplate *
10. KGB – Ghetto Blasta – Caspa Special – Dubplate *
11. Caspa – Terminator (Trolley Snatcha Remix) – Sub Soldiers
12. Subscape – Screw Up – Dub Police Dubplate *
13. Distinction – So Sick – Dub Police Dubplate *
14. Matty G – My 808’s – Dub Police *
15. Joker – Tron – Kapsize *
16. Emalkay – When I Look At You – Caspa Special – Dub Police *
17. D1 – Bleeps To Broadway – Dub Police Dubplate *
18. Subscape – Think About You – Dub Police Dubplate *
19. Benga – Man On A Mission – Tempa
20. Caspa – Back For The First Time – Sub Soldiers *
21. Subscape – Just becoz – Dub Police Dubplate *
22. The Others – Vertigo 909 – Dub Police Dubplate *
23. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo – Hot Flush*

You can grab the download from Beatport. Do it!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

ANOTHER Eels LP you say?

Mark "E" Everett has been a busy chap of late, having recorded his third LP in less than 2 years. The third installment of the audio triptych that began with 'Hombre Lobo' in June last year and 'End Times' in January is to be called 'Tomorrow Morning' and is to be released August 24 this year.

The new album is to be released on Eels' E Works label. In support of the new release there will be a world tour starting in Santa Ana, California, with shows in Japan, Australia, Europe and Canada. The tour will be the first since the release of the trilogy.

Visit the band's website for the full tour schedule.