Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Chemical Brothers - Further

Sounding very much like 'Baba O'Riley' during an aneurysm, 'Escape Velocity' sees The Chemical Brothers attempting grandeur but in the end it turns out to be just a really long song. As did the rest of the album, it bored the arse off me and was so bland and repetitive I found it almost impossible to pay attention to.

'Swoon' also sounds like it's borrowed from somewhere I can't quite place and that made for a really irritating listen. And for some reason all the vocals sound like Snow Patrol, which is awful. Just awful.

The tracks themselves are OK but nothing really stands out and you've forgotten it as soon as you've heard it. 'Snow' is alright, sort of a grower but takes far too long to get going and isn't really that great once you get there.

If you could somehow pass it through a filter that would remove the vocals and then on some of the tracks every single sound (I couldn't even finish the last track), you might end up with a decent electro or house record. Since The Chems decided not to do this it is not a decent electro or house record in the slightest and they are off my Christmas card list.

Stand out tracks: Horsepower

Title: Further (6325302)
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Out now on EMI

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