Friday, 25 June 2010

If you're happy and you know it, shake that ass!

DZ has a new EP out today on Badman Press chock full of remixes of his latest single 'Shake That Ass'. Having been a constant supply of the heaviest, most jarring basslines known to dub, DZ has been obliterating dubstep nights the world over.

This release basically bridges the gap between dubstep, funky and bassline with it's wobbly mid-range basslines and funkadelic handclaps designed to make every middle class white kid in the world scream "shake ya bootay!" at unsuspecting passers-by. As a middle-class white kid myself, let me tell you this is great news!

The gloriously reworked versions come from Badmen extraordinaires Genetic Krew, M6, Doug Surreal, Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror and NONEWYORK. And the best part is: the whole thing is absolutely free! Grab you copy HERE.

Download: DZ - Shake That Ass (J Stack Remix)

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