Monday, 16 August 2010

KOTJ Radio | Episode 4: Dev79

Another exciting podcast comes to us from Philadelphia resident Gair "Dev79" Marking. Starkey and he control Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey with El Carnicero.

Dev79 has been bangin’ out the underground sounds for years. I first heard his music back in the days when he was producing harsh noise-influenced hip-hop and breaks on the Sonic Terror imprint. Today his music retains the hip-hop and glitch influences along with a new dub and heavy bass streak.

His recent remixes for Gobs The Zombie, Guttstar, Dmn Days are sure to raise his profile and jettison him into the stratosphere. I'm told he's currently working on a collaborative EP with Seattle producer Thrills (of Sub Philo Music/Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror fame) with a new EP out on Seclusiasis called 'Live N Die 4 The Street Bass', coming in September.


01. BD1982 - Trails (Gunhead Remix)
02. Siyoung - Kill Whitey
03. Scratcha DVA - New World Order
04. Dev79 - Live N Die 4 The Street Bass (Harlsedon Riddim)
05. Kanji Kinetic - Thrill Seeka
06. Guttstar - Bomb Blast (Dev79 Remix)
07. Chelley - Text Message (SonicC Remix)
08. CRST - The Bells (Girl Unit Remix)
09. Hybu - How To Look Primative
10. Skinny Friedman - Hundred Dollar Salad (Sammy Bananas Remix)
11. The Constellations - Setback (Starkey Remix)
12. Shawty Lo - Say Yeah
13. Starkey - Death Beams
14. Om Unit - Searching (EAN Remix)
15. +Verb - Puddleglum
16. DJ Prime Cuts - Rubber Banned
17. NastyNasty - Dead Star
18. Max Echo - Noshy Riddim
19. Dev79 - In Grain We Trust (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix)
20. Kaiser - Tasty Lazers (Dev79 & Thrills Remix)
21. Supra1 - Still Believe (Royce Rolls Edit)
22. Kastle - I Know

Download: KOTJ Radio Episode 4: Dev79

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