Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Kastle - Better Off Alone

The artist formerly known as B.Rich has set himself up for a promising year with this instant classic. Barrett "Kastle" Richards has taken on a dubbier sound with an almost housey edge to it.

It used to be that the UK had the monopoly on bass, but recently America, mainly the east coast, has started to take over. Artists such as Drop The Lime, AC Slater, Udachi and of course B.Rich stormed the scene with massive bass-heavy "choons" and "club-bangers".

Naturally, it seems appropriate to post a track featuring two of the biggest names in US bass: Kastle and Udachi. The original is a very mellow bassy piece reminiscent of Burial with a house twist. Now I have to warn you it does feature auto-tune. Luckily, it manages to pull it off by exercising some restraint and it does make it sound like it's underwater, which kinda fits.

Starkey adds a nice ravey horn-through-a-buzzsaw line to bang it up but it's Udachi's Funky mix that does it for me with the most awesome drum samples I've ever heard. Honestly, if you're not sure about Funky listen to this tune. A lot. Then listen to Willy Joy's Funky/soca mix or I'll slap your knees.

Under his B.Rich moniker it was more fast heavy bass drops and ghetto/hip-hop samples but with Kastle his productions have taken on a much dubbier, techy sound - lots of arpeggiated synths and handclaps. Definitely the beginning of big things for this chap.

Stand out tracks: Udachi Mix, Willy Joy Mix

Title: Better Off Alone (seclus026)
Artist: Kastle
Out now soon on Seclusiasis.

Download: Kastle - Better Off Alone (Udachi Remix)

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