Thursday, 26 August 2010

First release on new label Phuturelabs

Last week I told you about the new free Hostage EP. Today I bring news about the latest Alan Parley project (not to be confused with The Alan Parsons Project). His new guise Wira is a departure from the usual Hostage territory and is to be released via the brand new label Phuturelabs (brought to you by the guys behind Nerve Recordings).

This new persona has only really been described as an "elusive" producer from the UK, though with Alan Parley's picture on the Facebook page the mystery begins and ends there.

The A-side is a track called 'Vloeitjes'; a slow-paced, a low-frequency piece full of dramatic tension with an unexpected bounce for such dance music. The whole package will be available in glorious 320 from the Phuturelabs website on September 13. In the mean time you can grab another tune of his 'Animals' below.

Download: Wira - Animals

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