Thursday, 15 July 2010

KOTJ Radio | Episode 3: Sonido Del Principe - Arriba Las Manos!

Head honcho of Generation Bass, Sonido Del Principe has been most people's window to the world of cumbia, kuduro and pretty much all non-western music for the past couple of years. Their persistence in uncovering lost gems and relative unknowns has made the GB crew one of the more impressive bloggers.

So in light of that sycophancy, Sonido Del Principe has kindly contributed a mix of his favourite beats and pieces. Drawing together elements of cumbia, baile funk, kuduro, hip hop, bassline, dancehall and grime; this upsettingly good mix features everything from 2Pac to Neil Landstrumm.

This wasn't going to be the next episode of the series but with summer's being what they are I just had to post it before the sun went away and all the pretty ladies starting wearing their thick duffel coats again. That, I will not stand for.

So tuck in, head over to the Generation Bass blog and show them some of that special lovin' us bloggers love.


01. Le Freak Selector - Get Hi Cumbia (SDP Refixx)
02. La Verdolaga (SDP Refixx)
03. Sonora – Ciclone (DJ Melo vs. SDP Remix)
04. Sonidero Nacional – Eresparami (SDP Refixx)
05. Orion & DJ Dusty– Mal Creada
06. Negra Navidad – SDP Refixx
07. Lewis Can Cut vs. SDP – CanCumbia
08. O.B. – Steal Ma Flow (SDP Remix)
09. Neil Landstrumm vs. SDP – Por Todos Las Chicas
10. The Peronists – La Haitiana (SDP Remix)
11. Stephan Bodzin – Bremen Ost (SDP Remix)
12. Moodymann vs. SDP – Detroit Riot Cumbia
13. Daniel Peixoto feat. Carol Texeira – Flei (SDP Remix)
14. Tupac Shakur vs. SDP – Dear Mama
15. Sonidero Nacional vs. Jay-Z vs. SDP – Roc Boyz Cumbia

Download: KOTJ Radio Episode 3: Sonido Del Principe

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