Monday, 21 June 2010

Baltik Bass

This is literally one of the craziest things I've ever heard and I'm praying it takes off because nothing would make me happier than hearing this in a packed club full of kids too cool to dance. Boom Shakalaka are a DJ/producer collective from Helsinki who combine Baltic/Nordic/Scandinavian folk music with house/funky/electro beats and come up with something that's not as ridiculous as it sounds.
“Having musically been a few times around the world, the Boom Shakalaka team from Finland, has also become more aware of their own musical heritage. The finnish, scandinavian, nordic and baltic region has a rich folk music tradition with nice bouncy accordeon rhythms and beautiful fiddle harmonies. To make this material more suitable for the club, the BSL DJs started making remixes of finnish folk music, which they got some great feedback from. One thing lead to another and finally they realised they have a new genre on their hands, which got the name Baltik Bass, drawing from the musical traditions of the countries around the Baltic Sea. Here is a first official promotional track, from the upcoming Maasto Records release Boom Shakalaka presents: Baltik Bass vol. 1. Enjoy!”

Download: DJ Emil vs. Kiharakolmio - Riddim And Culture

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