Thursday, 17 June 2010

Phila.sophical - The DJ Revolution

From Jazzy Jeff through to Josh Wink, Philadelphia has always been a melting pot of creativity and ingenuity within the hip-hop community. As ?uestlove of The Roots points out, New York hip-hop cast such a shadow over the rest of the east coast that Philly DJs had their work cut out from the start and had to be "three times as good" just to make an impression, thus any DJs who did last the distance were exceptionally talented.

Put together by Butch Mayo of Emuwna Filmz and a few other characters, the documentary explores the experiences and exploits of a lot of big names in Philadelphia and also laments the passing of those legendary early years when experimentation was rife - long before the days when Bono and The Edge discussed Josh Wink or rock bands featured DJs more often than hip-hop groups. It also features DJs from around the US citing the unique Philly sound as a huge influence as well as a particularly poignant interview with the late DJ AM who tragically passed away last year.

Three years in the making, there is very little info about the release date but hopefully this teaser should tide you over until then. If not, you can just do as I have and watch it repeatedly until your eyes bleed. It's literally the most fun you can have giving your brain an embolism.

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