Monday, 21 June 2010

Sonido Martines

I don't know very much about Los Destellos, but I've been getting into Cumbia a little recently having read the blog that Sonido Martines contributes to alongside DJ /rupture, La Congona.

Martines, known for his ability to fuse hip hop and funk with latin and cumbia, is based in La Paz, Bolivia and he can always be relied on to take obscure and often old Cumbia tracks and making them very dancefloor-friendly.

Like vampisoul explains:
"The metamorphosis of cumbia turns it into a genre that seems to voraciously cannibalize acoustic traditions and modern technologies. There wasn’t an innovation that tropical guitarists didn’t add to their sound: delay, fuzz tone, overdrive, wahwah, reverb, modulating effects typical of rock bands are assimilated into a stunning sonic cocktail.

"In this context, cumbia reached the top of the charts in popularity. Cumbia replaced rock as the urban sound. The groups would slowly develop an ethnic sensibility inspired by native Shipibo motifs and an astonishing and bewitching sound that seemed to drink from all the mysteries, secrets and myths of the jungle."

Download: Los Destellos - Elsa (Sonido Martines Remix feat. Fefe)

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