Sunday, 13 December 2009

Buraka Som Sistema - FabricLive.49

In contrast to yesterday's post, I've decided to share something a little warmer with you, the new FabricLive mix by Buraka Som Sistema. Credited with furthering the kuduro style, Buraka had been touring their latest album 'Black Diamond' for a year and decided to take things back to the beginning.

"A mix CD is at the core of what Buraka was about at the beginning. It's like going back to the roots. At the same time, it's very exciting to be out there doing different music and influencing different sounds. A lot of artists, like some dubstep artists and even some UK funky are picking up on the sound, and that's amazing. That's something that we are really happy to be part of. We also wanted to avoid making a compilation of 20 club bangers that two months from now are going to be totally forgotten and people are going to be totally sick of them because they've heard it in the club so many times already. We also wanted to have a lot of our fresh material on there. And thirdly, we wanted to achieve a kind of flow where there are moments in the mix for you to relax, like Zomby's track."
- Buraka Som Sistema

Their mix for FabricLive contains a stackful of re-hashes of their own records, including versions from L-Vis 1990, Stenchman and A1 Bassline. What's becoming increasingly apparent is the impact kuduro is having on club music the world over, as more and more sounds beginning to absorb the influence of kuduro - UK funky, dubstep, electro and bassline have all started to incorporate kuduro's jump-up drum beats.

This mix has some of my favourite tunes of the year on it. It also has one of the worst (Diplo & Laidback Luke's 'Hey!') but it's still a fun mix and is sure to pick you up in the winter months.

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