Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New Hostage EP Out Today!

It's been a busy year for Hostage this year, touring Australia, Asia and Europe and becoming Scotland's biggest export since heart-attacks-in-a-bun. He's received a lot of support from two of Radio 1's biggest luminaries, Toddla T and Annie Mac just on the strength of his first EP and his now legendary remix of 'Dominator' by Human Resource.

His second EP is a more bassy affair but still retains the ghettotech/juke influence of his first EP and the Rock It Out b-sides. The title track is epic but Momma's Boy's remix gives it a really old skool house feel and really amplifies this one sample that almost passes you by in the original.

The rest of the remixes come from Angel Alanis, Rampage and Chrissy Murderbot. Valhalla and Asgard have a really strong, almost cheesy Nordic theme to them but the second track, Ronnie Ronnie is more reminiscient of his heavy dubstep or "ravestep".

Now download the title track below and then nip over to Beatport to download the whole jobby.

Download: Hostage - Valhalla (320 mp3, direct link)

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