Sunday, 27 December 2009

Super Late Christmas Present For All Y'all!

Oh Snap!! has made a very sexual festive mix just in case you weren't completely sick of Christmas. Or, if you have a soul, you'll want one last thing to prolong the joy of Christmas. I really wanted to post a link to the mp3, but sadly it's reached it's download limit on Soundcloud. Anyway, you can still listen to it below or on his Soundcloud page.

Oh Snap!! - Save a Turkey, Eat a Salad - DJ MIX... by ohsnapmusic

And if you feel as though I haven't spoiled you as much as I should, here's a wee 5 minute minimix DJ Yoda made:

Download: DJ Yoda - The 5 Minute Christmas Mix

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  1. Download the Oh Snap!! Mix Here: