Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wait Oh Wait It's A1 Bassline!

I find myself constantly defending my love of bassline. Whenever anyone hears me profess my love for all things bass I'm always met with derision and mockery: "Really? Bassline? All that DJ Q charvey pop-dance? Are you stupid?"

It's at times like those that I'm grateful for A1 Bassline. The other New Yorkers like B.Rich, Drop The Lime and AC Slater do put out some really amazing releases but they stray so far from the traditional bassline/2-step formula that it becomes hard to define them as bassline.

A1 Bassline, on the other hand, still uses the straightforward four-to-the-floor kicks and clipped synths but he also encorporates elements of Dutch House and Techno into his wobbly pot of gumbo. This year's 'Badman Horror Theme' stormed clubs worlwide and definitely marks him out as one to watch.

Since it's (nearly) Christmas, check one of his latest tunes out, and then head on over to Beatport and buy the flat-out ACE EP 'Bad Man Horror'!

Download: A1 Bassline - 8oh8

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