Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New Jason Forrest EP absolutely free!

Berlin resident Jason Forrest has released a brand new EP under his own name, the first in six years. The new EP, entitled 'Utopia' is a noise-driven beast with more than a penchant for melody.

The new EP was born from a meeting between Forrest and Brian Miller (head of the LA-based Deathbomb Arc) when they discussed the possibility of him contributing to the Deathbomb Arc digital singles club. Instead, Jason opted to release a full four-track EP ahead of the full-length LP scheduled for 2011.

The release is a departure from his recent club-friendly bass productions. It marks a return to the more leftfield, intricate productions he cut his teeth on 6+ years ago. It's epic stuff, featuring uptempo melodies that build gradually to distorted peaks and troughs with eerie synth lines.

There's still an element of his beloved prog rock and even hints at disco, progressing the sort of sounds used in 2004's 'Shamelessly Exciting'. Preview the first track from the EP, 'Ciccone Youth', below and then download the whole thing free here.

Download: Jason Forrest - Ciccone Youth

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