Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New Droon mixtape on Soundcloud

I've always loved Droon since he was making nasty, harsh as hell breakcore/mashups. I mean, anyone who's heard Cripplefight knows this is one hugely entertaining producer.

Sadly, with the demise of breakcore a lot of these sort of productions fell out of favour as DJs started making cleaner, more pronounced house and bass music. Most DJs either jumped ship and started on electro or they simply sank into obscurity. Sadly, Droon kinda falls into both categories.

I did however, find this little beauty of his which blends the best of both: b'more and electro with a breakcore sensibility. Dusty mix from the top shelf. expiration date 12-2007 by Droon

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  1. thnx for posting this!

    i am alive and well and still do regular live shows, all nasty mashup breakcore, I asure you, playing bangface this year. I've always liked house, and have made house/electro tracks on and off since 1999. "remember" is a good early one, it's on my first split release, it's on soulseek. This mix is from 2007, when people still uttered words like "electroclash". So it's more retro-core then bandwagon-core. I should make more of these doctored mixes.. Actually i'm planning a glitchy dubstep one that will be flat on bandwagon-core!