Sunday, 22 November 2009

Randy Twigg - Undone

After spending 3, count them 3, hours downloading this LP, I couldn't help but feel that it better be good. And honestly, I wasn't expecting much.

I hadn't heard of Randy Twigg before but the accompanying blurb from tigerbeat6 told me that she comes from:

"Deep in the bowels of Europe, well past the architecture and schnitzel hauses, past the sweating line-ups roped away from already packed clubs, past the throbbing mass on the dance floor itself, deep in the hot flashes of stages across Europe and Canada, slamming her beats, strapped into her bass, playing every note like her last"

With that in mind, I slapped it on and was underwhelmed to begin with. At first listen this sounds a little too much like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, without much of a signature. Having said that, 'Done Up' is a great opener, with a real Kraut-rock influence and a touch of MC5 for good measure.

After the first track things get a little hazy and border on lazy until you get to 'Photograph' and the bluesy electro-rock really kicks in. Any worries I had about Ms. Twigg not being able to find the right balance between electroclash and garage rock completely dissipated.

The vocals throughout draw on elements of Kate Bush and early Siouxsie Sioux, but what I love most is how the contrasting layers and the soundscapes they use reminded me of Einstürzende Neubauten with just a hint of Nick Cave. Shitty derivative Radio 1 electro it ain't. Which is nice.

I couldn't tell you what the lyrics are about, and if I'm honest I'm not sure she could either, but it's really great music and makes a nice change from the whole "kooky female singer" schtick with the likes of La Roux, Little Boots, etc. It does teeter on the verges of really boring girl-shouting-over-electro a la Fannypack and Fagget Fairies, but it picks up by the fourth track and there's some really great remixes of from Kid606, GD Luxxe and Khan to boot.

Stand out tracks: Suitcase, Made Of Mouse, Bona Fide, Assassin
Download: Randy Twigg - 3 Parrots (Kid606 Remix)

Title: Undone (meow154)
Artist: Randy Twigg
Out now on Tigerbeat6

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