Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes

Given the last post I thought it appropriate to mention Chrissy Murderbot's new project. It's an ambitious task he's setting himself, but he seems to be doing a good job so far. He has set to produce a new mix each week covering a different style of dance or electronica, and every now and again you get two mixes for the price of one! Impressively, he also promises not to repeat the same tune twice. So far we've had drum & bass, techno, two kraftwerk tapes, disco, soul, reggae and happy hardcore. And we're only on week 24. Aside from the party factor it's actually really educational if you're a bit of a nerd when it comes to music. Each mix comes with an incredibly informed introduction about whatever style or artist is covered that week.
This week it's Ghettotech and Chrissy sets us straight on the difference between ghettotech and juke:
"Ghettotech tends to stick to either four-on-the-floor style drum patterns or traditional Miami bass electro drum patterns, whereas juke is a lot more all over the place rhythmically; ghettotech makes a lot less use of the tom tom drum as a melodic instrument; and ghettotech tends to be 'techier' or more futuristic sounding, whereas juke has a lot more of a pronounced soul, hip hop, and R&B influence."

I have to admit I haven't heard of most of the artists he features, but that's the brilliance of it. Whole genres and styles of music you've never even heard before. And don't worry, because it can get quite "breaksy" here and there for anyone interested in something a little harder. My personal favourites have to be this week's Ghettotech tape, the Booty Music/Jack Trax tape and the Steppas Reggae, but believe me there's so much more in there and definitely something for everyone.
It may not be breakcore but it sure is fun. So go to his blog, check out the latest entry and catch up on what you've already missed!


Thanks to the limitless generosity that flows from Mr. Murderbot's very being, we're able to offer you the latest tape absolutely chuffing FREE!:

Download: Chrissy Murderbot - Week 24, Ghettotech Mix

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