Friday, 2 April 2010

Sorry for being shit!

Wow. Well, it's been pretty hectic of late - thus the sporadic updates - but it's given me some time to think about the direction of this blog. As far as dance/club music goes, I suspect my coverage will wind down if UK Funky takes over.

I'm going to keep covering dubstep and bassline for as long as it keeps going but I've been trying to cast my net wider, looking to more introspective and experimental music to write about. Interestingly - and encouragingly - the best stuff seems to be local.

Basically, an interesting thing seems to be happening, at least here in Newcastle: Club music seems to be on the decline; while folk, shoegazer and post-rock are making a return. I went to The Cluny here in Newcastle for the Blank Promotions first birthday last week. Sadly my hippy timekeeping got the better of me and I was rather late. BUT, I did manage to check out a few bands that are really looking promising.

Sona Di
They're a great local band who seem to be spearheading the local scene at the moment with their own take on shoegazer and post-rock with bits of noise and whatnot thrown in for good measure. I know I've already written about these chaps before, but just to drum it in I thought I'd tell you again. And because you don't fucking listen.

Her Name Is Calla
They headlined the birthday party with a really intense blend of classical, post rock, folk and shoegazer and rolled up into a really cohesive package. And for a band whose music could hardly be described as "showy", they commanded the stage well despite a few technical difficulties.

Unfortunately, I missed their set but checked out their MySpace later on. It's so refreshing and exciting to find an electronic artist who's doing something different! It kind of reminds me of old Squarepusher without the needless abrasion and some soulful vocals for good measure. It's just great to see someone making music for the sheer fuck of it, rather than to simply making a "club banger".

I don't have any mp3s to offer y'all but if you look back at the Sona Di review I did a while back there's an mp3 of the tune Forest for you to download. Also, they have lots of songs to stream on their myspaces.


  1. Hey Keithy! You should give lanterns on the Lake a mention, as they were somewhat rocking. And I believe they're playing again soon. We should go. Cumberland if I remember rightly.
    Ant xx

  2. Only just read this comment! If it hasn't already been I'd be well up for it!

    Let me know!