Sunday, 21 February 2010

Third Efterkleng LP out tomorrow!

Danish fourpiece Efterklang are releasing their third LP, 'Magic Chairs', tomorrow on 4AD. To whet your appetites they've posted the entire album on their MySpace page for you to stream.

The album is one in a long line of ethereal-sounding lo-fi bands to drift over from the depths of Scandanavia. I know that sentence doesn't exactly fill you with excitement but I'm genuinely excited about this band; they're not just another run-of-the-mill nu-folk group with no soul and no songs. Efterklang's music displays a definite acknowledgement of what has gone before: post-rock, folk, lo-fi and brings it together in a really tight, well-considered album.

Video by Kristian Leth.

So often a band or singer comes out with one slightly catchy song that just sounds like a carbon copy of a carbon copy of Björk. Not Efterklang. Their album works as an entirety rather than one single and 9 b-sides, an increasing rarity these days.

Essentially, this is pop music but it's so fantastically produced and performed that it seems reductive and kind of insulting to describe it that way. 'Modern Drift' is definitely going to be a really huge tune; coupling beautiful lyrics, soaring string melodies and arpeggiated synths. Basically, if you can imagine Elbow (at their symphonic best) with a bit of a post-rock flavour to them you're only halfway to realising just how amazing this band is.

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