Saturday, 20 February 2010

Below 100 Hz: Matta - The Lost

Ad Noiseam are getting 2010 off to a flying start with the launch of their 'Below 100 Hz' series, which has already featured releases from Broken Note, Mathhead, Mothboy and Funckarma. The first edition features a UK duo, Matta making their debut effort.

"Ad Noiseam starts 2010 with the bass in the red: the first release for this year on the label, the debut record by the young and very promising british duo Matta will come out in the first week of March, ready to shatter some subwoofers and knock clubgoers off their feet."
The three track release will be out on vinyl and digital on March 8th. Stay tuned for Hecq and Karsten Pflum.

Head on over to the Ad Noiseam site to buy the little rascal and read a bit more about Matta. And as a little teaser, download the following tune...

Download: Matta - Inquisition Part III

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