Monday, 1 February 2010

Second Starkey single from 'Ear Drums & Black Holes'

If there's one artist who continues to surprise me and exceed my expectations it's Starkey. His new single 'Stars' (out March 8th on Planet Mu), featuring Anneka on vocals is taken from the forthcoming album 'Ear Drums & Black Holes' (out April 19th) and builds on the brilliance of his debut.

The title track 'Stars' is a very laidback, almost housey affair with an ethereal tint. Slugabed's remix, however, really adds something the original lacks, bringing out the bassy noisiness and launching it in to more club-friendly territory. Clearly, Kieran "Four Tet" Hebden is an influence on Geissinger as the fluttering synths and gentle melodies mark a more introverted departure from the snare-heavy grime of olde.

That's not to say Starkey has abandoned heavy bass music, the b-side 'Starting Gates' sees him create what can only be described as "drillstep". The grimey, arpeggiated synths made famous on his first LP risk getting lost in the rest of the layers at times but this arguably only adds to the bass-heavy thump of it.

This is a date you should really mark in your diary because it might just be better than 'Ephemeral Exhibits'. And with any luck it'll mark the demise of that godawful subgenre "ravestep".

While you wait, tuck into this preview he posted on his Soundcloud page:

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