Monday, 10 May 2010

New Kanji Kinetic EP on Senseless Records!

Heavy bass purveyor Kanji Kinetic has a new EP out today on Senseless Records, promising a higher tempo of 175 as opposed to the usual 130/140 BPM. The blurb on their Soundcloud page talks about looking back to the old days of rave and jungle, which is always promising.

What I like about Kanji Kinetic is the heaviness he manages to inject into slow club-oriented music, which is becoming an increasingly rare trait these days. It's being released as a split with the New Era EP released on Tigerbeat6 earlier this year but with two new tracks and two remixes from Kaiser and Cracks as well.

You can stream the whole EP on the Senseless Records Soundcloud page before you buy the bugger.

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