Saturday, 29 May 2010

Second Dubbel Dutch EP out now on Palms Out!

Following on from last year's Trollsta EP, the long-awaited second EP from Texan producer Dubbel Dutch has finally hit shops. It's attracted a lot of attention in recent months from DJs and bloggers alike. It's a three track EP, with the title track 'Throwback' garnering the most interest.
Incorporating elements of Funky and garage with bassline and house, Dubbel Dutch takes UK music and adds his own unique twist. 'Throwback' stands out with a heavy B'more drum beat and glitchy vocals setting it apart from the majority of the releases at the moment.

The second track 'Deep Underground' starts off as a traditional Funky track before bringing elements of electro and some ravey synths to beef things up. The final track, 'Fool In You' is a dubstep affair with a slight lean towards the junglism a la Burial.

You can stream the entire EP at Palms Out.

Pick up the limited edition 12″ from Redeye records.
Or download it at Beatport, iTunes, Juno and Turntable Lab.

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