Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mary Anne Hobbs to quit radio

Some sad news on these shores: Mary Anne Hobbs has hosted her last edition of the BBC Radio 1 Experimental Show (formerly the Breezeblock Show) after 14 years. It seems the show will continue without her but it's a collossal understatement to say she'll be sorely missed, not just by the music world, but also by the artists she supported.

She has left the show and radio altogether to become the Media Development Coordinator at Sheffield University. It's no secret the part Hobbs played in the breaking of countless artists: pretty much every dubstep artist you've ever heard of; perhaps most notably Kode9 and Burial, the creators of the mix posted below.

Here's the last edition of the Experimental Show cooked up by the lovely Kode9 and Burial.

Download: Burial & Kode9 - Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs Final Show

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