Sunday, 14 November 2010

BD1982 - Trails

Having cut his teeth back in Philadelphia, Brian "BD1982" Durr now resides in Japan. Slowly the influence of funky is starting to creep across the east coast of America, with more and more producers bridging the gap between dubstep and funky and so it reaches Brian via his pals in Philadelphia and so on.

The real star of the show is 'Magnets On My Back' with tropical drums and a Nintendo-y synth line. Always keeping his productions progressive and as far from monotonous as it's possible to get.

Gunhead makes 'Trails' into a sort of "tropical n' bass" with ravey synth lines over a heavy Tropical/UKF beat. The Jam City mix is much more of a garage/bassline affair that could just as easily be an L-Vis 1990 or A1 Bassline production, which is no bad thing (or a surprise given Jam City's work with the Night Slugs crew). The chilled out techno element gives it a real deep house edge and once more blurs the lines beyond all Venn Diagrams.

Finally we have the remixes of 'Let's Talk Math'. The first, a remix by Makumba Sound, also takes on a funky element with a very squelchy synth line splashing its way through things. The second mix and final mix is by a chap called Brey who has so far eluded our radars but this mix promises a lot and we're sure to hear from him again.

Stand out tracks: Trails (Gunhead Remix), Magnets On My Back, Trails (Jam City Remix)

Title: Trails (seclusD09)
Artist: BD1982
Out now on Seclusiasis.

Download: BD1982 - Trails

Grab your copy from Beatport, Boomkat, iTunes and Juno.

Also, look out for BD1982's mix for our podcast series out very soon!!

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