Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Raffertie 12" on Planet Mu

Raffertie will be releasing a new 12" January 18th on Planet Mu. The single will be a two track jobby comprising the tracks '7th Dimension' and 'String Theory'. As much as I love Raffertie I was pretty surprised to see it released on Planet Mu. I know they try to be as diverse as possible but I never thought I'd see a bassline/midget house release on there.
Anyway, that aside, it turns out the release is more promising than I've made it sound: 'String Theory' will appeal to those fond of Warp and Planet Mu releases, with lots of techy synths and bleeps hither and thither. It's probably not what you'd describe as club fodder, but '7th Dimension' certainly makes up for that and it still makes for a fun listen.
And for anyone who suspected Raffertie had taken wobbly basslines to the Nth degree, then listen to this and reconsider. I was starting to worry about the path his music was taking, but this release marks (hopefully) the beginning of releases with a bit more experimentation and variation to them - a welcome advancement in the world of bassline.
So to tide you over until this release comes out, here's a track he released on Planet Mu a couple of months ago on 'The Mu School' compilation, available on Boomkat:

Download: Raffertie - Wobble Horror!

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