Sunday, 17 January 2010

New DJ Hidden record!

DJ Hidden
'The Words Below - Limited Edition Vinyl Series Vol. 3'
Ad Noiseam [adn124]
12" / digital

First of all, I'm genuinely excited about this: a new release by DJ Hidden on Ad Noiseam. Continuing his 'Words Below' series, DJ Hidden has dropped the third and final edition of the series with his partner in crime from The Outside Agency, Eye-D, featuring two remixes of tracks from his album of the same name.

His first album, 2007's 'The Later After' was hailed as a masterpiece by critics and fans alike. His sophomore effort would therefore have to be something pretty damned sexual. Fortunately, he hasn't disappointed and continues to fire out some of the darkest, most thoughtful beats and breaks this side of Starkville.

Like Starkey, this album is more than just a collection of songs - the tracks run together with an indeterminate flow that demonstrates a surprising flare for storytelling that is so very lost in today's music. This remix series features great reinterpretations but it's the originals that really shine. There's also a slight feeling that these remixes seem somewhat disjointed from their original setting - like watching Empire Strikes Back on its own. There still worth a listen, it's just that you're left expecting something when it finishes.

These tracks are exclusive to this 12" so grab the crap out of it while you can! Failing that, a digital version is available at Ad Noiseam for a tiny wee amount that you'll barely notice. At the time of writing there were no tracks available for posting, but here's a couple of samples to whet your collective appetite:

DJ Hidden - The Narrators (Eye-D Remix) [Clip]
DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant (DJ Hidden Remix) [Clip]

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