Friday, 5 March 2010

A work of comic genius

The most amazing rap group has recently come to my attention: Die Antwoord or "The Answer". They're an Afrikaans hip-hop group who've been producing music in Cape Town for about a year now.

According to a recent interview with Vice Magazine, they produce "rap-rave next level shit" in a mixture of Afrikaans and English. Unbelievably, they're completely serious in what they do - which only adds to the hilarity.

Die Antwoord are Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. They've had so much publicity of late because of the Enter The Ninja video that their original website hosters removed their site because of bandwith-buggery. Since then they've relocated to a US-based server and have signed with Sony. Honestly.

And if you wondered what in the shit "Zef" was, Watkin "Ninja" Tudor Jones (least cool name ever, by the way) explains all:

"Zef is our flavour, our style. It means fucking cool. But even more cool than fucking cool. No one can fuck with your shit. Zef’s the ultimate style, basically."
You really should read the Vice interview. It's a total stitch-up but it's hard to sympathise when they invite it so fervently.

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