Friday, 5 March 2010

Strange days for Strange Boys

One of my big tips for this year is definitely The Strange Boys. They've recently signed a deal with Rough Trade to allow them UK distribution. Their current single 'Be Brave' is going to be really chuffing big. I'm so glad to be writing about these guys; it's been too long since a really dirty little band like these came out.

Hailing from Austin, Texas (via some other places), they're kind of in the vain of bands like Animal Collective, Passion Pit and very early Rolling Stones. Oh, and there's some Monks thrown in there for good measure too! It's really sleazy, old timey music. If it reminds me of any one thing it's of scruffy teenagers in cheap leather jackets playing garage and blues tunes on shitty guitars with far too much distortion.

Most of all, I love the production; nowadays everything's so slick and polished that there's very little discernable difference. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking they all had the same producer working on them. So let's all thank the good lord Jahova for The Strange Boys.

Download: The Strange Boys - Be Brave

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